Work Suitability Assessment
Welcome to the Work Suitability Assessment!

When considering a flexwork program employees must examine the types of job tasks that can be performed in a remote setting, away from colleagues, during non-standard work hours, or without supervision.

This Work Suitability Assessment (WSA) is a tool to help you and your supervisor or manager determine which parts of your job you can perform at alternate locations or times, if any. Your results will provide you with detailed insights designed to help you best structure your work agreement with your supervisor or manager. Your results will help you both collaboratively determine the type of flexwork program you will implement, which job tasks and performance metrics you will use, and your work schedule. This assessment is not a test that you can pass or fail. Instead, the tool focuses on the requirements of your job within your workgroup with the objective of designing your program in a way that benefits your work experience and performance.

The WSA has five basic steps:

1) Ratings. You will be asked to enter your identifying information and to rate various components of your job against a series of different job-task statements.

2) Scores. You will receive two sets of scores. The first set will rate how suitable your job tasks are for telework, compressed workweeks, and flexible scheduling, as well as how necessary it is for you to be in the office. The second set of scores will focus on job-specific themes to help you consider important aspects of your job as you design your flexwork arrangement.

3) Results Statements. For each type of flexwork you select, you will be provided with a worksheet that lists the task statements you rated especially high or low. Print out these statements and use them and your answers to indicate specific job tasks most suitable for your flexwork program, how much time you spend on those tasks, and possible performance metrics. You will also be provided with the task statements that do not match your flexwork program -- be sure to address how those tasks will be accomplished as you design your program.

4) Themes. You will be provided with a worksheet that contains the most important themes you need to consider when designing a flexwork program for your specific job. These themes will help you both augment your program and avoid potential issues.

5) Schedule. You will be provided with a schedule to print out so that you can indicate when you will be flexworking. This will allow your supervisor or manager to incorporate your program into the overall workgroup schedule.

Remember that there are other aspects of ensuring a successful flexwork arrangement, such as personal work preferences, remote work skills, and appropriate tools and technology. This assessment is the first step in identifying what is possible within the context of your position.

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